Beyond Sports Taekwondo offering Martial arts in Lindon, Utah
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Additional Martial arts Program in Lindon

Martial arts Sparring Program

Sparring can be one of the most exciting parts of Taekwondo! You will be able to confront fears in a non-threatening environment, which helps us be stronger in the fighting ring as well as on the street.  We focus on endurance and a higher level of fitness. Sparring class is dedicated to strong fast kicking, strategy, and improving Olympic sparring skills. Competitive students will be invited to attend local tournaments to continue developing their sparring ability. Students blue belt and above are required to attend sparring class, but anyone yellow/green and above may attend to work on their Black Belt skills

Martial arts Weapons training

This is an engaging class that will teach Taekwondo students to use and defend against a variety of weapons including Sais, Kamas, Escrima, Nunchuku, Katanas, Bo Staff, as well as Gun & Knife disarms. Students develop skills that are necessary when using weapons, including good timing, reactions, sharpness of motion, and strong awareness of their environment. This class also develops showmanship and performance skills that can be used in demos and other performance opportunities.

Taekwondo Demo Team

If you like to perform and show off your skills as a martial artist, Demo Team is the place for you! Being a part of this prestigious team increases coordination and fluidity, performance and showmanship skills, and sharpens technique. Students take part in an exciting and challenging atmosphere as they prepare demonstration pieces. This team has a variety of performance opportunities!

Taekwondo Tricks & Flips

Being a great martial artist means being versatile—being able to act in any situation that comes up. Our Flips and Tricks class helps students to become comfortable with their body, to develop confidence in unusual situations, and prepares them for more advanced Taekwondo techniques. This class teaches floor tumbling, flips, and kicking tricks to be used advanced classes, in creative forms as well as in demo team performances.

Street Combat

This class will take a lot of techniques we learn in our regular Taekwondo curriculum, and teach students to use them practically, effectively and diversely. Students will learn what to do when taken to the ground, and other self defense situations. Students will frequently practice free-style sparring in class. If you love Self Defense, this is the class for you.


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